Offset Printing


Create a wide assortment of products in large number of copies.

Offset printing is the dominant industrial printing technique, used for printing a wide assortment of products like business cards, catalogs, leaflets, brochures, magazines, and publications. It may also be used for packaging, such as boxes, product packaging or carton. Because of its ability to make commercial amounts of prints with the premium quality outcome and inexpensive manufacturing cost, offset printing is a great option for large quantities of printing projects.

Digital Printing


Just a few products or everything personalized? We have that covered.

Digital printing is a method of printing on different surfaces from a digital based image. It’s usually referring to professional printing jobs, where jobs from desktop publishing and/or digital sources are printed using large-format or high-volume lasers of printing machines. Moreover Digital printing services provide another significant benefit to being in a position to customize and personalize the print according to your need.

The JPC Print Center offers printing services on different materials such as digital printing on vinyl, ceramics, fabric, canvas, textiles, and PVC film. Modern solutions that we can offer will satisfy your expectations and present your products and services in the most efficient manner.

Pad Printing


Have a moving advertisement anytime and anywhere.

Pad printing and special pad printing machines transfer print on almost any uneven and curved surfaces Printing on plastic, glass, ceramics, rubber, and metal are all included.

JPC Print Center offers you custom pad printing services and is capable of stamping your artwork on any type of surface. Also, we offer a wide range of promotional material at affordable prices with the possibility of pad printing on them.

Speciality Printing


Transfer any idea or project into product you imagined.

Specialty printing includes usage of different forms of specialty papers, custom ink, coating and finishing work. Moreover, for finishing work we use different techniques including die cutting, engraving, gilding, embossing, etc.

Our Specialty printing services can provide an ideal solution if your needs are specific and unstandardized. JPC Specialty printing services are used for creation of custom packaging boxes, point of purchase displays and so much more.



Build or improve your visual identity through web design, logo design or corporate visual identity.

Visual identity is the basic tool of recognition. It is a sum of all visual and physical characteristics of a product, service or the company itself that differs from the competition. A clear distinction of the company from competition depends on your visual identity.

The JPC Print Center offers an original design for your new brand or redesign of the existing logo. We can create a whole corporate look for your company.